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Below you will find photographs of the church and various events run within the church. Please note that not all photographs may be displayed within an album unless you are logged in.

Church Fete 12

06.Church Fete 12 Thumbnail

A Selection of pics from our annual fete.


07.Crosswalk Thumbnail

Our second crosswalk Easter 2012 with Give way to Jesus Ministries

UTurn ~ Puppets

08.UTurn ~ Puppets Thumbnail

Social ran by Eternity Socials. Check out people making a fool of themselves.

UTurn ~ Date Night

09.UTurn ~ Date Night Thumbnail

Great Food, Great Company, an all round great evening

UTurn ~ Kidz Night

10.UTurn ~ Kidz Night Thumbnail

A great, but extremely tiring night.

UTurn ~ Foymore

11.UTurn ~ Foymore Thumbnail

A Group of guys went to Foymore Lodge to take part in Archery, Clay Pigeon Shooting and 4x4 off roading

UTurn ~ Mens Breakfast

12.UTurn ~ Mens Breakfast Thumbnail

Never again, will so much food be consumed by mankind

UTurn ~ Table Quiz

13.UTurn ~ Table Quiz Thumbnail

And the winner is ...

UTurn ~ The Oaks

14.UTurn ~ The Oaks Thumbnail

A group went to the Oaks to sing songs and share their stories

UTurn ~ Body and Soul

15.UTurn ~ Body and Soul Thumbnail

Missed the Body & Soul Night, check out the on goings here.

UTurn ~ Cookery Demo

16.UTurn ~ Cookery Demo Thumbnail

A Cookery demo by the lovely Lindsay, even the masterchiefs like Gary & Rodger picked up some tips.

UTurn ~ Dads n Lads

17.UTurn ~ Dads n Lads Thumbnail

A great night where there was some healthy competition between up to 3 generations of Dads 'n Lads

UTurn ~ Kidz Club

18.UTurn ~ Kidz Club Thumbnail

You don't want to know what went on at the Kidz Club …. Do you?

UTurn ~ Tea Dance

19.UTurn ~ Tea Dance Thumbnail

Tea Anyone?

UTurn ~ Richmount Primary School

20.UTurn ~ Richmount Primary School Thumbnail

Roger and the Team go to Richmount Primary School

UTurn ~ Peter Pans Neverland

22.UTurn ~ Peter Pans Neverland Thumbnail

Big Kids, Little Kids, all were having fun at Peter Pans Neverland.

UTurn ~ Hart Memorial Primary School

23.UTurn ~ Hart Memorial Primary School Thumbnail

First thing Tuesday morning, the team took the Gospel message to the kids at the Hart Memorial Primary School

UTurn ~ Cant Cook, Wont Cook

24.UTurn ~ Cant Cook, Wont Cook Thumbnail

What a night! Who knew our local Politician could cook, but please don't mention food safety standards around Eddie Drury.

UTurn ~ Lough Neagh Nursing Home

25.UTurn ~ Lough Neagh Nursing Home Thumbnail

The first nursing home we visited during the week.

UTurn ~ Coffee Morning

26.UTurn ~ Coffee Morning Thumbnail

One of the many coffee morning that were held during the week of outreach

UTurn ~ Church Lunch

27.UTurn ~ Church Lunch Thumbnail

An amazing lunch with great fellowship. The banter was flowing at this event.

UTurn ~ Social

28.UTurn ~ Social Thumbnail

Social ran by Eternity Socials. Check out people making a fool of themselves.

UTurn ~ Paintballing

29.UTurn ~ Paintballing Thumbnail

A great day out, see if you can spot the walking wounded

UTurn ~ Ladies Breakfast

30.UTurn ~ Ladies Breakfast Thumbnail

The First event of Uturn 2012 where over 70 Ladies turned up to see what the men laid on for them.

YF Retreat 2011

04.YF Retreat 2011 Thumbnail

The YF spent a weekend in at the end of May building relationships, studying Gods word and lots of Fun and Games.

Good Friday Crosswalk

05.Good Friday Crosswalk Thumbnail

The Good Friday Crosswalk in association with Give Way to Jesus Ministries left Drumcree Parish Church at 5:30pm to take and demonstrate the love of Jesus to the streets of Portadown.

Mens Football (Church League)

02.Mens Football (Church League) Thumbnail

Some snaps of the Drumcree Parish Men's Football Team at their first game in the Church's Summer League.

Church Fete 2010

03.Church Fete 2010 Thumbnail

Gallery of Images taken at the Church Fete on a Sunny Saturday June 2010.

Band of Brothers

04.Band of Brothers Thumbnail

Pictures Taken from a succesful and well attended Band of Brothers Sunday Evening Service.