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Belong. Believe. Become.
  • Drumcree's Vision

    We believe that God is calling us to make Drumcree a place where, everyone can feel they belong and are accepted in the church family, where people will come to know and believe in Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and through being nurtured and guided, will be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit and become disciples of Jesus.


    A place where people, regardless of age, gender or religious background or whether or not they have been involved in church life, can feel that they are welcome and where everyone sees that they have a role to play in creating that sense of welcome

    'And he took the children in his arms,
    put his hands on them and blessed them.'
    Mark 10:16

    A community of people so deeply committed to each other, in prayer, service, forgiveness and practical care that others will be attracted by it and want to discover more about it and be part of it.

    Offering a range of worship styles and experiences for people at all stages of the Christian journey.

    Caring for the whole person, not just the soul.


    A place where everyone's journey of faith is respected and valued

    Where people are enabled to experience God's love especially by recognising the amazing gift of God's forgiveness, through the death and resurrection of His Son Jesus.

    'Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ
    and you will be saved.'
    Acts 16:17

    Where people are given the freedom and encouragement to make a personal commitment to Him.

    Where prayer, teaching from the Bible and fellowship is seen as a normal way of helping people grow in faith through the power of the Holy Spirit.


    A place where all will be encouraged to reach their full potential in Christ, discovering and using their gifts to serve others.

    'Therefore go and make disciples of all nations...'
    Matthew 28:19

    Where the church will be seen as an army advancing forwards as well as an ark of safety, continually reaching out and moving ahead, ever attempting greater things for God

    Where each member and organisation will be so completely focused on God's Great Commission to go into all the world and share God's love, that they will be ready to impact the local community and the wider world, by word and action, in order that God may transform lives and situations.

  • How Will this happen?

    In part it already is! We want to acknowledge God's grace and blessing on Drumcree parish, and the faithful service and witness of many church members down the ages, who have enabled us to do so much.

    In recent times we have been enabled to;

    • Extend and renovate the graveyard
    • Continue to have our annual fete and vintage rally
    • Establish the 904 ladies fellowship group
    • Establish a senior citizens fellowship group
    • Renovate the church hall
    • Hold a Flower Festival
    • Establish a catering committee
    • Renovate church properties
    • Install a new sound and visual system in the church
    • Establish a worship group
    • Start a new All Age worship service
    • Making services available to the housebound
    • Establish a Junior Youth fellowship
    • Establish a Men's Fellowship football evening
    • Run Alpha and Baptism courses
    • Hold Prayer days

    But there is much more to be done, if we are to fulfil God's plan for us in today's generation.We believe that God's priorities for us as a parish over the next few years are;

    • To develop a pastoral team to supplement the contact we already have with people in this area
    • To further enhance our worship e.g. by training and involving more people, for example in drama, puppet ministry, banner making, music etc.
    • To widen our communication and make it more effective by developing our website etc
    • To develop a Prayer Ministry Team
    • To plan a focused period/week of outreach in our community to draw in new people and to refresh our existing members.
    • To build on our work with young people through an organised Youth programme in order for them to become active members of our church and to grow leaders for the future.
    • To produce a welcome pack for new members.
    • To develop a culture of welcome that every member of the church will be part of and to provide simple training for welcome ministry teams.
    • To train and resource leaders for small groups and to encourage all church members to participate fully in a small group of fun, fellowship and faith.
    • To set up and resource an administration team to fulfil such tasks as printing service sheets etc
    • To enhance our ministry to Senior's

    How does this sound to you? Exciting or perhaps daunting?

    We can be sure that if God is calling us to undertake something, he will equip us for the task. But it will only happen if everyone is ready to work together to make it happen.

  • The Core Areas

    Where can you fit in? We have identified the following core areas, and know that there is an area that you can get involved in. Please do get in touch with the area coordinators as they will more than happily explain what you can do and the difference you can make.